Saturday, October 29, 2011


The release of the 5.55 firmware has caused problems throughout the whole PSP homebrew community. All PSP owners who would like to play their game backups could not play on their custom firmware many owners had their heart broken because almost all of the good games that got released requires the official 5.55 official version. Many gamers really thought that the 5.0 m33 firmware and the 5.50 gen firmwares would become obsolete with the release of these newer games. Many prayed hard for a release of the newest custom firmware which could be a 5.55 or a 6.0 which they thought is the only solution that they could play their game backups. However, a shocking turn of events came up with the release of PSP Game Decrypter.
PSP Game Decrypter is a tool that could be used for us, the homebrew users to play UMD backups, while still having the custom firmware and not be obliged to install the 5.55 or 6.0 firmware.
Here is the tutorial on how to use PSP GAME DECRYPTER

SOFTWARE/TOOLS to be needed:
1. DOWNLOAD the tools above and unzip/unrar UMDGEN.
2. DOWNLOAD and EXTRACT PSP GAME DECRYPTOR above and paste the folder named GameZDecryptZ to your PSP at ms0:/PSP>GAME.
Using your computer Run UMDGen and open your untouched/original ISO.
3. AT UMDGEN Click FILE>FILE LIST>EXPORT (save the exported file)
4. Close UMDGen. Reopen UMDGen. Open your untouched ISO again.
5. Using UMDGen Browse your ISO to PSP_GAME>SYSDIR
6. Right Click and Extract EBOOT.BIN.

7. Place the EBOOT.BIN you extracted to the root of your memory stick or ms0:/
8. Disconnect PSP from the computer.
9. Using your PSP Via the PSP Game menu run GAME DECRYPTER. Press X to decrypt.
10. Reconnect PSP to the computer and browse the memory stick. There is a new folder named decryptor. Inside the folder is an EBOOT.BIN File (this is the patched EBOOT.)
11. Copy the EBOOT.BIN File (patched) and via UMDGEN replace the Original ISO eboot with the patched EBOOT.
13. IMPORT the file you just exported/saved using STEP # 3. The program will warn about forced positions. Press ACCEPT.
14. Rebuild ISO using the save button. (It is better to make a new ISO file)
15. Copy your new ISO to your memory stick like any other normal ISO.
16. Congratulations Your ISO is now working with GEN!
FOR PSP with firmware 5.0 m33-6 and PSP 3000 users with cfw 5.03
use Eboot patcher download link before your rebuild your ISO.
( This website does not support and will not ever support piracy, we only give owners the choice to play their game backups of games they own to save their UMDs from scratches, wear and tera, and most of all battery life of the PSP.)

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