Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brooktown High

The game starts with your character's creation. Your personality is determined by answering a few simple questions before you get to pick your name and how you'll look. Clothing is limited to start, but your allowance and possibly a job will net you enough cash to pick up some new threads as time goes on.
Each week is pretty simple. On Monday morning, you have 30 minutes (which is about a minute of actual gameplay time, give or take) to get to class, but before then you can chat it up with any of Brooktown's students. Once you go to one of the four classes, you're fast-forwarded to Friday where you'll automatically partake in any job or club you've signed up for. All of a sudden it's Saturday where you can spend your morning studying or practicing a mini-game, and then if you have one set up, you'll go out on a date. As soon as the date's over, it's Monday morning again.
The game seems rushed when you first start, but you'll come to realize that the pacing is pretty spot-on in that you have enough time to talk to a couple people and perhaps set up a date before class, and then the rest of the week flies by fast enough that you're not waiting for long. So the pacing and general idea works fine, but the actual execution is lacking in a number of areas.
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